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Trails to walk: Enchanting routes to explore the territory of the Triangolo Lariano

Get ready to immerse yourself in itineraries that will take you into the territories of Triangolo Lariano, offering the satisfaction of reaching unique destinations and discovering unexplored places. Let yourself be swept away by the magic of trekking, discover the joy of overcoming challenges and the gratification of reaching the goal: breathtaking scenery awaits you.

Exploring nature at a slow pace, on foot or by bicycle, offers a deep and authentic experience. Allow yourself time to listen to the sound of the woods, admire the nuances of the landscapes, and breathe in the fresh air that surrounds you. Each ride or step will take you to new places to discover, enriching you with unique emotions and sensations.

Proximity tourism, with its caring and respectful approach, will allow you to connect with the area in a profound way, discovering secret corners and hidden treasures that only a few can grasp. Share this unforgettable experience with us! Are you ready to begin this extraordinary journey to discover new horizons?

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In search of waterways

A loop itinerary between the municipalities of Canzo and Eupilio.


Eupilio between Segrino and Cornizzolo

From lac da Mariaga to la muntagna da Càrela to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snow in Pusiano.


Among the towers in Upper Brianza

A journey into the Brianza Middle Ages between the Ghita tower in Eupilio and the Tagliasacchi tower in Longone al Segrino.

Longone al Segrino

Brianza from the Scioscia lookout

M. Scioscia, 667 m, is good for an easy hike offering spectacular views comparable to higher mountains.

Longone al Segrino

Let's discover the Beech Trail

Between historic burials and autumn colors: we unveil the charms of Molina di Faggeto Lario along the Sentiero dei Faggi.

Faggeto Lario

Cycling in the Triangolo Lariano

Pedaling past small lakes, scenic vistas and small frescoed villages.


Walking between Lasnigo and Asso

In Triangolo Lariano between cobbled streets passing through forests and scenic peaks.


Cycling with family in the Triangolo Lariano

Pedaling through ancient villages, mule tracks and springs surrounded by nature.


Walking in the village of Magreglio

In Triangolo Lariano on small bridges between small waterfalls, on lanes between small streets and courtyards.


Walking in the village of Barni

In Triangolo Lariano among ancient streets, meadows and natural monuments.


The Royal Road

The ancient road that connected Como to Bellagio along the eastern shore of the Lario.


Brunate - Bellagio Ridge

An exciting trail with sweeping views of the Briantei Lakes and Lake Como.


Chestnut Tree Trail

Among villages and forests in the heart of Triangolo Lariano.


Four steps in the history of Valbrona

Amid nature, legends and rural life, we set out to discover the places and relics left behind from the past.


The ancient mule track from Visino to Alpe di Megna

Journey to discover traditional knowledge, among ancient settlements, medieval towers and "peasant engineering."


In the Valley of the Springs: from Maisano to Caprante

Symbols of faith and ancient rural cores between the Posallo and Caprante streams.


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