Enjoy the wonderful experiences that Triangolo Lariano and the Intelvi Valley give through OltreLario, a project curated by Lago di Como GAL.

Discovering places in a new way at the right pace

We tiptoe into the territories of the Monti Lariani and Valle d'Intelvi, places rich in water and mountain pastures, with a history that has shaped the landscape by drying swamps or creating cultivable terraces. We will travel it on foot and by bike through the seasons, falling in love with the views and traveling through splendid chestnut groves with centuries-old specimens. We will tread trails, explore caves, admire mountains and ridges, valleys and breathtaking views, discovering the local flora and fauna.

When tradition becomes heritage

We visit villages and towns, delve into the community of Triangolo Lariano searching for travel experiences that can make us part of a local identity made up of farming, agriculture, craftsmanship and emigration.

Walking often means superimposing our steps on those who have gone before us

We walk over mountains furrowed by deep gorges, resembling the wrinkled sun-colored faces of village people, who stop at corners to speak in dialect. We learn about the territory of the Larian Mountains and the Intelvi Valley through a history written over centuries.


Credits Mario Varenna / Monte San Primo, Enrico Colzani / Caglio, Angelo3Chiara / Corno Occidentale


OltreLario: Lake Como GAL's project for the enhancement of the Larian Mountains

OltreLario is a project implemented by Lago di Como GAL (Local Action Group), together with numerous actors in the Lake Como area, such as associations and local governments. The need is to enhance and promote what extends beyond Lake Como. For us, it is fundamental to make tourists feel as an integral part of the territory. The invitation is to explore and experience the territories of the Larian Triangle and the Intelvi Valley in all its facets, including unique landscapes, stories and traditions.

The need

"OltreLario" expresses the need of area operators to make known the space BEYOND LARIO. They want to broaden travelers' horizons to everything around Lake Como, from the Larian Mountains to the Intelvi Valley, through the discovery of natural paths and routes traced by man over the years.

The challenge

Lake Como GAL has accepted the challenge of reviving villages, rediscovering local culture and traditions, as well as implementing networks, to strengthen the tourism sector.

The network

The construction of a slow tourism offer requires networking: area actors, operators, bike renters, guides, associations and local governments must design together to create a proposal that succeeds in intriguing tourists and leading them to discover the Larian Mountains and the Intelvi Valley.


The traveler chooses what he perceives to be close to him. It is essential, therefore, to make him feel part of the story. The contents are composed of interwoven tales about the local tangible and intangible heritage and the stories of the people who populate Triangolo Lariano and the Intelvi Valley.

Larian Mountains:
discovering the area

Triangolo Lariano

The Larian Triangle is an area nestled between the Alps and the Plain, divided between mountains and lakes. Mount San Primo is the highest. Then there is Palanzone, Boletto, Bolettone, Cornizzolo, Corni di Canzo and Moregallo. On the plateaus lie the green and wellspring Lake Segrino and the mirror-like blue Lake Pusiano.

Valle d'Intelvi

The Intelvi Valley, located in the Lombardy Pre-Alps, unites Lake Como and Lake Lugano, in Switzerland. It originated from the retreat of glaciers that formed the mountain range from Mount Gringo to Mount Generoso. It has two slopes divided by the Telo River, called the upper and lower valley.


Monti Lariani: itineraries for a slow journey from one place to another

Get ready to immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, discover hidden treasures and experience unforgettable adventures. We are here to guide you along enchanting trails and give you authentic experiences that will leave you with precious memories. Whether you are a nature lover, history buff or simply looking for unique adventures, the Larian Mountains offer you a selection of itineraries capable of satisfying every desire. Ready to hit the road? Get inspired and get ready to experience extraordinary emotions in an area waiting to be explored.

Credits Mario Varenna / Monte San Primo


Larian Mountains and Intelvi Valley: authentic experiences and unique adventures to discover the area

From exciting activities and sports to cultural and culinary experiences, the Larian Mountains and the Intelvi Valley offer a range of opportunities to enrich your trip. We are ready to make you live unforgettable moments, introduce you to local traditions, give you a taste of typical cuisine and make you feel an integral part of this land. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, a plunge into history or a relaxing moment immersed in nature, we will offer you a selection of curated and memorable experiences that will take you to discover the magical Larian Triangle. Ready to create lasting memories and experience the area in a unique way? Get inspired and prepare to be swept away by authentic emotions that will stay with you forever.


Enjoy the land quietly, let its beauty slowly reveal itself, like a a precious secret to be savored with all the senses.

Discover the charm of slow tourism in the Larian territory.
Contact us for information on itineraries and experiences to try!

At a slow pace

Walking, biking, horseback riding

Our area offers a dense network of trails, mule tracks and small roads to explore at a leisurely pace, with routes for all tastes and all legs: from leisurely walks with the family, to more adventurous rides.

Surrounded by nature

Alpine meadows, snowfields, pastures, sweeping views, a UNESCO World Heritage laburnum forest, echoes of World War I--you're spoiled for choice.

In the hamlets

Quiet squares, small museums, small churches decorated by the skilled hands of the "Magistri" comacini, and artisan workshops will give you a taste of the rhythms, arts and knowledge of local communities.


Credits Fedele Asnaghi / Mount Barzaghino


Exploring the Territory: adventures and stories

Immerse yourself in the wonders of our area and be enchanted by its stories

Our journey into sensations begins as we travel along hairpin bends, climbs and plateaus; intersecting the slopes of Lake Como; experiencing the excitement of rurality, day by day, step by step, pedal after pedal.
Traditions and knowledge, stories and anecdotes, nature and artisan crafts offer themselves to the visitor in itineraries that travel among terraces, dry stone walls, woods and mule tracks.
Villages, lanes and woods alternate and alternate between prayer chapels, workplaces and natural works.

Immerse yourself in the Larian territory, feel the excitement vibrating in the air.


Practical guide: how to get to Triangolo Lariano and the Intelvi Valley

By car

Direction Triangolo Lariano: Coming from Milan via the SS36 Lake Como and Spluga road, take the Annone Brianza exit. Direction Valle d'Intelvi: arriving from Milan via the A9 toll road, take the Lago di Como exit towards via Asiago/SS340.

By bus

Larian Triangle direction: use the ASF bus lines from Como. Take the C49 line and get off at the stop in Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi in the town of Canzo, or at the Asso - Stazione stop (after Canzo) and then take the C36 line to reach neighboring towns.

By train

Larian Triangle direction: make use of Ferrovie Nord. From Milan - Cadorna, take the Milan - Canzo/Asso line. Valle d'Intelvi direction: use Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane. From Milano Centrale, take the Milano - Chiasso line. When you arrive at Como San Giovanni station, take the bus, line C20 to get off at the San Fedele - Cantinoneo stop in Dizzasco.

Oltrelario: the app that connects you to the charm of the land

OltreLario app will allow people to learn about itineraries in the Larian Triangle and Intelvi Valley, divided into moments and stories. You will be able to download .gpx files, learn about historical, cultural and natural points of interest, and connect with must-try experiences suitable for an explorer traveler.

Discover, Explore, Connect!

Download Oltrelario, interact directly with the area to discover it step by step, closer and closer, becoming citizens of the villages.


Curious ears: explore the territory through our podcasts


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