A walk along the Torno - Montepiatto loop.

In the heart of the magnificent shores of Lake Como lies a route that offers an extraordinary experience of nature, breathtaking views and cultural discovery: the Torno-Montepiatto Ring.

The Torno-Montepiatto Loop is a perfect combination of enchanting scenery and well-maintained trails. This circular route begins in the picturesque village of Torno, overlooking the sparkling waters of Lake Como. The route winds through wooded paths and green hills, giving hikers a variety of panoramic views and hidden nooks and crannies to discover.

One of the most charming attractions along the route is Montepiatto, a cozy mountain village situated in a prime location overlooking the lake. As you approach Montepiatto, the picturesque houses and cobblestone lanes will make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale. A stop here offers an opportunity to soak in the tranquility of the hills and admire the view that stretches to the sparkling waters of the lake.

The Pendula Stone is another point of interest along the trail. This hanging stone is a unique natural attraction and offers an unusual and fascinating sight. Its location on a rock face, with the lake as a backdrop, makes this point one of the most photographed on the entire trail.

The Torno-Montepiatto Loop is accessible to hikers of all levels, thanks to its varied terrain and well-maintained trails.

The Torno-Montepiatto Loop is a perfect example of how Lake Como is more than just a tourist attraction: it is a destination that offers authentic experiences and unparalleled natural beauty. This walk is an open window into the richness of nature and culture of this region, and invites you to discover an authentic and enchanting side of Lake Como.

Pixabay Credits - GPoulsen