Between the streets of Lasnigo and Asso

A beautiful 11-kilometer-long trail to do as a family among Comacine churches and granite portals.

A picnic among the immense meadows will allow you to enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility while discovering the local people and products. Afterwards, a visit to the dairy with tasting of alpine cheeses and manipulation of goat cheese dough with wild herbs gathered locally will make you small again.

The route will start from the historic center of Lasnigo admiring the Romanesque features until it reaches the crossroads, between Alpe di Megna and Conca di Crezzo. The Church of St. Joseph, known as the Church of the Dead of Valmorana, will be visited, and here an easy mule track will be taken leading to the ancient rural settlement of Alpe di Megna, home of the Alpe Caricatori d'Alpe.

The trail will begin to get steeper and is locally known as the Bucket Road where the wagon, usually pulled by oxen, crawled over the ground acting as a brake on very steep sections of road. These detours will allow you to discover short local routes that touch on picturesque places such as Cascine Ossa, seasonal locations where cattle were left at cooler altitudes in the summer; such as Olimna, an ancient village inhabited and swept away by a landslide and rebuilt in in Visino; or even such as the "Sassi della Strega," the burial mound of a girl named Stephen accused of witchcraft.

At Croce di Megna, the panorama sweeps 360° and encompasses all the wonders of the wide range the Valassina has to offer the traveler.

On the descent from the summit of Megna it will be possible to walk the variant that is part of the route called "Erta del Giubileo," which with discrete slopes and recognizable chapels of the Way of the Cross will lead to the Crezzo plain near the monument to the alpine soldier. Alternatively, it will be possible to continue along the ridge to descend directly at the Crezzo pond and traverse decidedly gentler gradients.